Error log entry clsPFRP.fysnOpenWRPFile with error code 70

Version 2


    The error log contains the following error message:


    Error #: 70

    Error Description: access denied

    Procedure: clsPFRP.fysnOpenWRPFile (file:'\\UNC Path\home drive\Personal Settings\UserPref\{GUID}.upf2')

    Process: pfwsmgr.exe



    The User Settings type Tracking (*.UPF2 / UPR2) had grown to a size of 2 Gb.



    Reducing the User Settings file size solved the issue.


    Try applying User Settings Capturing and be more specific about the information you do and don't want to save.

    When sticking to Tracking the User Settings, try to limit the location to track and/or add exclusions.

    Enable and configure the option to exclude files from a certain size from tracking when possible.