Duplicate shortcuts appear after a Microsoft App-V 5 application is launched

Version 1


    Even though the “Windows Shell shortcut creation” mode is set to “Merge with unmanaged shortcuts” or “Replace all unmanaged shortcuts”,
    duplicate shortcuts appear in a user’s Start Menu when an Microsoft App-V application is published using RES ONE Workspace.

    If the Workspace is refreshed the duplicate entries are removed.



    The problem is related to the fact that Microsoft App-V 5 applications publish shortcuts by default when the package is loaded. RES ONE Workspace publishes shortcuts to the users Start Menu as well for the same application. When the Workspace is refreshed the duplicate is detected and removed.



    To prevent the default Microsoft App-V 5 shortcut from appearing all together the shortcuts in the AppxManifest.xml need to directed to a location other than the Start Menu.
    Below is an example of an AppxManifest.XML which is edited so that the shortcuts do not appear in the Start menu. In the example the shortcuts are placed in %LocalAppdata%\temp instead.

    More information about editing App-V applications can be found in this article: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/itpro/mdop/appv-v5/about-app-v-51

    Part of the article that describes importing and exporting of the manifest file;
    You can import and export the AppxManifest.xml file. To export the manifest file, select the Advanced tab and in the Manifest File box, click Export.... You can make changes to the manifest file, such as removing shell extensions or editing file type associations.
    After you make your changes, click Import... and select the file you edited. After you successfully import it back in, the manifest file is immediately updated within the package editor.
    When you import the file, your changes are validated against the XML schema. If the file is not valid, you will receive an error. Be aware that it is possible to import a file that is validated against the XML schema, but that might still fail to run for other reasons.