ADM(x) files are stored in the RES ONE Workspace Agent cache during first time sync

Version 1


    Consider the following scenario:

    RES ONE Workspace is installed and synchronizes its cache for the first time.
    During this first time synchronization ADM(x) files are downloaded from Datastore to RES ONE Workspace Agent cache.
    These files are not used by any of the RES ONE Workspace components and can therefore be skipped during the synchronization process.



    ADM(x) files are not excluded from the first time synchronization process.



    This issue is resolved in RES ONE Workspace 2016 SR1.
    In case the Service Release is not (yet) available or in case the Service Release cannot be installed, a revision containing this update is available on request at RES Support.
    IMPORTANT: A revision contains multiple fixes. Only apply this revision when you are experiencing a specific problem.
    Unless you are severely impacted by this specific problem, RES Software recommends that you wait for the next service release containing these fixes.


    The files are not removed by installing the Revision, the following procedure needs to be followed to clean up the ADM(x) files.
    Agents directly connected to the Datastore or via a Relay Server.

    1. Stop the RES service on all Agents in your RES ONE Workspace environment.
    2. Cleanup all files in the Agent cache folder Resources\pl_reg.
    3. Restart the RES Service on all Agents in your RES ONE Workspace environment.