RES ONE Workspace Login is very slow in conjunction with Microsoft Windows Security Essentials/Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection/Microsoft Windows Defender

Version 1


    After applying the update for Microsoft Windows Security Essentials/Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection/Microsoft Windows Defender from Friday 20th to Saturday the 21st of May 2016,
    RES ONE Workspace login sessions can be very slow. In some situation it has been seen that the login time will be doubled.

    If you check the Microsoft Performance Monitor you can see the MsMpEngine.exe having a high impact with Read actions for all the executables of RES ONE Workspace.



    Please make sure that you add the Installation folder of RES ONE Workspace to the option Excluded files and loations.

    On a 64-bit system, by default, the installation directory will exist in %programfiles(x86)%
    instead of %programfiles%.

    It is recommended to exclude the following services and applications from real-time/on-access

    (This screenshot is an example of a 64 Bit Machine)

    Also add the following list of executables to the option Excluded Processes:

    Paste action section 1 (Micosoft Security Essentials can not handle the complete list of executables):

    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\cpushld.exe ; 
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\guardian.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\IGStub.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\IGStubCTX.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\islogoff.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\pfsync.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\pfwsmgr.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\pwrcache.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\pwrgate.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\pwrgpo.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\pwrgrid.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\pwrhelp.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\pwrinit.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\pwrmail.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\pwrmapi.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\pwrmapi64.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\pwrmenu.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\pwrmlmp.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\PwrRat.exe ;

    Paste Action section 2:

    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\pwrsnmp.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\pwrstart.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\pwrsync.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\pwrtrace.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\pwrx64.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\RES.Workspacemanager.WMSync.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\setoutsi.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\setprint.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\wifimon.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\WMExchAuto.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\WMStartMenu.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\ResPesvc.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\ResPesvc64.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\svc\res.exe ;
    %programfiles(x86)%\RES Software\Workspace Manager\svc\resop.exe ;

    (This screenshot is an example of a 64 Bit Machine)

    After adding these configuration changes make sure they are applied to the system.

    Your RES ONE Workspace login should be Ok again.