The Microsoft Windows 10 start menu is not showing any subfolders in a RES ONE Workspace session

Version 1


    Consider the following scenario:

    1. Microsoft Windows 10 is installed

    2. In the RES ONE Workspace console at Composition > Applications > Start Menu  a Start Menu is designed in which applications are placed in sub-folders, for example:

    Designed Start Menu in RES ONE Workspace

    Logging on to Microsoft Windows 10 and clicking on the All apps it will show all Applications grouped in the Parent folder and all sub-folders are lost, for example:

    Resulting layout start menu Microsoft Windows 10



    The Microsoft Windows 10 start menu only supports a single layer folder structure in the current builds.

    All applications placed in the subfolders are merged into the parent folder layer.



    This is by design of Microsoft Windows and also occurs without RES ONE Workspace.