Microsoft Windows 10 Signing off animation terminates and returns to desktop

Version 1


    During a logoff of Microsoft Windows 10 with RES ONE Workspace installed, the initial logoff animation screen terminates and is brought back to the desktop. This may confuse the end user into thinking the logoff is fully terminated.

    With RES ONE Workspace installed and the composer set to automatic, the following sequence occurs during logoff:
    1. Microsoft Windows 10 starts to logoff showing a animated screen stating "Signing out".
    2. The "Signing out" screen terminates and the end user is brought back to the desktop
    3. RES ONE Workspace Composer executes its logoff task 
    4. The logoff continues when RES ONE Workspace Composer is finished with its tasks. 



    RES ONE Workspace 2015 composer terminates the Microsoft Windows 10 logoff in order to process its own logoff sequence.



    This is expected behavior. The logoff will continue after the composer finishes its tasks. 

    Showing the splash screen may decrease confusion during the logoff process.