Login time can take up one minute for each deleted desktop shortcut

Version 4


    Consider the following scenario:


    • An Ivanti Workspace Control managed workstation or laptop is being used.
    • The setting Composition > Applications > Settings > Windows Shell shortcut creation mode is set to Replace all unmanaged shortcuts.
    • Folder redirection is used to redirect the desktop folder to a network share.
    • Several .lnk files which were located on the desktop, are moved to the recycle bin. These .lnk files are pointing to non-existing locations.


    In this scenario, the login time can take up one minute per .lnk file for those files that are moved to the recycle bin.




    If the Workspace Control session is started with the Replace all unmanaged shortcuts mode configured, Workspace Control will check every .lnk file on the desktop which is touched by the explorer process.

    Workspace Control will check for the existence of the file. This process can take up to one minute.

    The deleted .lnk files in the recycle bin are also checked because the location of the recycle bin is on the desktop.




    This issue is resolved in Ivanti Workspace Control


    Ivanti Workspace Control revision download links




    Delete the .lnk files from the recycle bin as well.