Microsoft App-V 5 application doesn`t start the right application and or wrong icon is displayed

Version 1


    Starting a Microsoft App-V 5 application by using File Type Association (FTA) / opening a file from the Explorer, doesn`t start the correct application and might present an FTA error.
    The Explorer might also present file(s) with a wrong associated icon.

    For Example, in the Explorer you might see an PDF file, presented with an Adobe Image Ready icon.
    When you open the file by double clicking it from the Explorer the Adobe Image Ready application is started and will present an error message "Could not complete this operation. This is an unknown file format".

    This problem also occurs when RES Workspace Manager is not installed.


    Several Microsoft App-V 5 packages are available and they all have the same File Type associations (FTA`s).

    For Example, on the RES Workspace Manager controlled machine there are 2 applications available:

    - Microsoft App-V 5 package of Adobe Reader. The package has FTA`s for PDF configured    
    - Microsoft App-V 5 package of Adobe Image Ready. The package has FTA`s for PDF configured    

    In RES Workspace Manager only the FTA`s of the Microsoft App-V 5 package of Adobe Reader are imported.


    This issue is not related to RES Workspace Manager. This issue also occurs without RES Workspace Manager.

    Workaround 1:

    Remove the File Type Association (FTA) from the package that should not be associated with the application(s) in the package.

    For Example, when the Microsoft App-V 5 package of Adobe Image Ready has the PDF file type association configured, the application will be started but the application is unable to present the content of the PDF file.
    By removing the FTA from the package this issue is solved.

    Workaround 2:

    Within the RES Workspace Manager console, create File type associations (FTA`s) for all Microsoft App-V 5 applications that have the same FTA in the package.

    Within RES Workspace Manager, the order of all applications with the same FTA can be controlled (on the same location the managed applications FTA`s are configured) once the managed applications have the FTA configured.