Connecting HP Universal Print Drivers printer objects at logon takes a long time per object

Version 1


    When connecting printer objects at logon, each printer object will take around 20/30 seconds (visible in RES Workspace Manager splashscreen). This behavior looks as if the printer driver is installing when connecting the object, but it is already installed on the client.


    The HP Universal Print Drivers (v4.7) is used and is causing delays of 30/45 seconds. This driver is causing performance issues.

    Microsoft Server 2003 with Microsoft Firewall Slows UPD: With file and printer sharing as an exception in firewall configuration, the UPD driver takes more time (about 30 sec) to open at client machine. From the second time onwards,it gives normal response times.
    Installation appears to hang or takes long time to complete: The time to update the Unidrv file set, establish device communication during installation and properly update each print queue on the system will increase the installation time in relationl to the total number of queues. Internal test show 30-45 seconds per queue is average- actual time can vary based upon environment.
    Citrix environment-  A processor spike in MSIEXEC results in slow performance: This issue will be resolved in an update to UPD v4.7.



    Temporary workaround is:
    •   Create a zero byte cioum32.msi file. 
    •   Renaming the \Windows\system32\spool\drivers\x32x86\3\cioum32.msi file to cioum32.msi.bak. 
    •   Save file \Windows\system32\spool\drivers\x32x86\3\cioum32.msi.
    •   Disable the Windows Installer Service (so msiexec.exe cannot be executed).