Changes in voluntary Outlook Signature are not preserved

Version 1


    An e-mail setting profile is configured with an Outlook Signature that is set voluntary (set only the first time Microsoft Outlook starts). However, when a user makes changes in the signature and Microsoft Outlook is restarted or starts a new session, the signature is reset to default.



    RES Workspace Manager creates the signature files in "%appdata%\Microsoft\Signatures". If %appdata% can not be resolved, RES Workspace Manager will be unable to create the signature files and the signatures will not be available in Outlook.



    When %appdata% does not exist in the user profile, RES Workspace Manager is unable to create the signature files in "%appdata%\Microsoft\Signatures".

    During the launch of Microsoft Outlook, RES Workspace Manager resolves the %appdata% directory and will create the signature files to the signature directory. If one of the sub directories of %appdata% does not exist, it will be created by RES Workspace Manager. 
    But if RES Workspace Manager is unable to resolve the %appdata% path, the signatures files can not be stored in the user profile, and Microsoft Outlook will not display any signatures.