Logging off RES Workspace Manager session hangs at "Closing PowerTrace"

Version 1


      When logging off a RES Workspace Manager session using the RES Workspace Manager Shell, the session will hang for about 10 seconds at "Closing PowerTrace". After this, the RES Workspace Manager session will not be logged off, but will return. A second attempt to log off the session will succeed.
      In the RES Workspace Manager Error Log the following event will be logged:
      Process: pfwsmgr.exe
      Error #: -
      Error Description: Phoenix event detected


    When the application Splitview has been installed on the Terminal Server, this may cause an unexpected crash of the Workspace Manager. The Workspace Manager cannot close the Splitview process, because this has been launched outside RES Workspace Manager.



      Exclude RES Workspace Manager/
      Exclude the following processes on the Splitview Options Miscellaneous tab:
    Adjust the Splitview startup parameters for use with RES Workspace Manager.
    This solution describes a workaround from a RES Workspace Manager perspective, which may not be supported by the Splitview vendor. Some of RES customers have acknowledged this as a suitable workaround.
    1) Remove the "splitview.cmd" from following key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
    Value name: AppSetup
    Value type: REG_SZ
    Value data: usrlogon.cmd,cmstart.exe,splitview.cmd (remove this last entry)
    2) Create a new application within the RES Workspace Manager Console:
    Commandline: C:\Program Files\SplitView 2008\SplitScr.exe
    Working directory:C:\Program Files\SplitView 2008
    Parameters: -auto
    3) At Settings enable "AutoLaunch ALL users" and "Hide application".