Instant File Associations for Citrix Streaming Applications do not work

Version 1


    Opening an associated file may result in starting the application. This may occur on all files or only when the filename contains spaces. However, the file will not be displayed or opened. It may even result in not starting the Citrix Streamed Application at all.
    This article only applies to Citrix Streaming Applications (application.profile started with Raderun.exe).



    When using Instant File Associations from RES Workspace Manager, the Citrix Streamed Application needs to use extra Command line parameters. However, when this is not specified in the profile of the Citrix Streamed Application, this will not work.


    In Citrix:
    When creating the Citrix Streaming Application with Citrix Streaming Profiler, you need to specify "**" when editing the command line parameters for the application. Please note the quotes: these can be essential when opening files that contain spaces.
    This is an optional setting and allows you to add extra command line parameters in a later stage, in this case Instant File Associations.
    In RES Workspace Manager:
    When creating the Instant File Association for an Citrix Streamed Application, you need to specify extra parameters at the "Command line parameters" field: /extracmdline:"%1"
    Please note that this parameters does not contain any spaces.