Certain user settings cannot be set with User Settings when a mandatory or local profile is used

Version 4


    When using User Settings to preserve these settings, the keys will be applied at logon, however, the settings do not work.
    A good example is switching the left/right mouse button. When pushing this setting manually, the following registry key needs to be present before logging on in order to let it work:

    User Key:  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse
    Value Name: SwapMouseButtons
    Data Type: REG_SZ
    Value Data: <0> or <1>


    The following settings are examples which do not work with User Settings when a mandatory profile is used:

    • Keyboard properties
    • Mouse properties
    • Accessibility options
    • Accessibility wizard
    • Display properties
    • Certificates



    Certain user settings need a "shell refresh" in order to be applied to the user session. Even a logon script does not solve this issue. The second logon solves this issue. However, when using Mandatory profiles, the second logon has no effect.


    In case of storing certificates information in the user profile:
    When you create a profile for others to use, the originating profile may contain certificates and/or keys. When this profile is converted to a mandatory profile for another user, the existing certificates and/or keys cannot be used by the other user.



    Solution 1

    Use another profile technology.
    Either use roaming or in certain situations local profiles to be able to saves these settings with User Settings.



    Solution 2

    The mouse buttons can be swapped by using the option Swap left and right mouse button on the Options tab in Workspace Preferences.