Unable to force cache update on RES ONE Workspace Agents

Version 1


    When you want to force a RES ONE Workspace cache update from the RES ONE Workspace Console, you receive the following Error Message:
    Failed to force cache update on these RES ONE Workspace Agents:
    <Agents name>
    <Agents name>



    RES ONE Workspace uses port 1942 from the management console to perform actions for a RES ONE Workspace Agent.

    When the management console is not in the same network or vlan as the RES ONE Workspace Agent.

    The Firewall or Router is probably not configured to allow communication on port 1942 (TCP/UDP)



    Make sure the RES ONE Workspace Agent is able to communicate using the following ports:
    Port 1942 (TCP/UDP) for the RES ONE Workspace Console - the RES ONE Workspace Agent (this port is hardcoded and cannot be changed)
    Port 1433 for the RES ONE Workspace Agent - RES ONE Workspace Database Communication (MS SQL)
    The processes that are communicating over port 1433 to the central RES ONE Workspace database are:
    -          Res.exe
    -          Pwrcache.exe
    -          Pwrcache.exe /upload
    -          Pwrtech.exe
    • If you use a different database  (Oracle,MySQL or DB2) the port number for database communication is different.
    • MS SQL uses by default port 1433 but this can be changed on the SQL Server.