The wrong icon is displayed when launching multiple Microsoft Internet Explorers with a custom icon

Version 4


    If several Microsoft Internet Explorer shortcuts that use a URL as a parameter are configured, the incorrect icon may be displayed in a managed Ivanti Workspace Control session.


    For example, two websites are configured as below.


    Website 1

    Executable: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplorer.exe

    Parameter: URL1

    Icon: Custom icon1


    Website 2

    Executable:  C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplorer.exe

    Parameter: URL2

    Icon: Custom icon2


    When Website 1 is launched, the correct icon is shown. If afterwards Website 2 is launched, the icon of Website 1 is being displayed.  Launching Website 1 again will display the icon of Website 2.

    Launching a default Microsoft Internet Explorer without parameters may also be affected. The default icon will then also display an incorrect icon.




    The custom icon that will be displayed in the launched Microsoft Internet Explorer window is directly related to the Microsoft Internet Explorer which is present in the recently opened Programs List in the Start Menu.




    Not related to Ivanti products. The issue will also occur without using Workspace Control.



    Workaround 1

    Right click on the Microsoft Internet Explorer application in the recently opened Programs List in the Start Menu, select Remove from this list. After the second launch of the same application, it will be shown with the correct custom icon.



    Workaround 2

    Create a stub application that uses pwrgate.exe for the managed application with a custom icon.


    Create an application for Internet Explorer:

    Command line: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe Working directory: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer

    Parameters: <none>

    Icon: Default


    Create an application for the URL link

    Command line: %respfdir%\pwrgate.exe

    Working directory: %respfdir%

    Parameters: AppID of the Internet Explorer application and URL. E.g.: 19

    Icon: Custom