A reboot becomes shutdown on computers which have a MUI installed

Version 1


    In a RES Workspace Manager managed session a reboot can become a shutdown under the following conditions:

    - The Operating system is Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows 7.
    - The computer uses an Operating System language for the Windows Welcome Screen that is different from the language that the logged on user uses. The issue here can happen on computers with a MUI installed. An example when this issue can happen is when the Windows Welcome Screen is in the English language and the user has configured to have the Dutch language configured for his user session (e.g. the start menu and desktop icons are shown in Dutch for this user).


    Due to a coding error, the Windows Welcome Screen language is used to determine the selected reboot/shutdown action of the user instead of the selected MUI language that the user uses.


    This issue is resolved in RES Workspace Manager 2012 SR4.