Unable to start applications from %windir%\System32 directory on a 64-bit OS

Version 3


    When starting an application from %windir%\system32 on a 64-bit OS, Ivanti Workspace Control may generate an error:
    Application can`t be started...
    If Application Security is enabled, one might encounter an error stating that access to the device, path or file was not possible and an entry will be written in the Ivanti Workspace Control Application Security Log.

    Examples of processes that could be affected by this behavior are (but not limited to)
    • The Microsoft Windows Snipping tool
    • Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection
    • Microsoft Paint


    This occurs because a 32 bits process on a 64-bit machine does not see the "real" System32 directory, due to the folder redirection to the SysWOW64 directory.
    Microsoft calls this File System Redirection. This also occurs in some parts of the registry.



    Enable the setting Disable file system redirector on 64-bits systems in the Settings tab of an application.


    On a 64-bits system, starting an application is influenced by file system redirection.

    This means that if a path to an application includes a system folder such as ..\system32, RES ONE Workspace will start the application from the ...\Syswow64 folder.

    Enabling the setting Disable file system redirector on 64-bits systems overrules this behavior and the application will be started from its defined path.



    Copy the executable manually to %windir%\SysWOW64 folder.