User settings are not save or applied when multiple instances of one application are configured

Version 1


    In certain circumstances, User Settings are not saved or applied. This behavior can occur when multiple instances of one application (executable) are each configured with their own set of user settings.


    Multiple applications with the same executable are used. For example, two Microsoft Office Word applications are configured in the RES Workspace Manager Console. If multiple applications are based on the same executable and each application has its own set of User Settings configured these settings conflict with each other.


    Instead of configuring User Settings for all applications there should be one master application with User Settings configured and all other instances should be linked to these user settings.

    Select "Use the User Settings from the following application" and then choose the first application which creates a  "Master Application".  All other managed applications, based on the same executable, will use this application`s User Settings. User Settings will be stored and applied for all applications.