Desktop shortcut icons are refreshed on an unmanaged desktop

Version 1


    When the following settings are configured:
    •   Composition > Applications > Settings the Windows Shell shortcut creation is set to "Do not create shortcuts"
    •   Composition > Actions By Type > Files and Folder > Folder Redirection the desktop folder has been redirected to a network location.
    •   Composition > Desktop > Lockdown and Behavior all the "Do not refresh Workspace ..." options are disabled and Lockdown is set to Enabled.
    and a RES Workspace Manager workspace refresh is triggered by a session reconnect or a display change, you will notice that the desktop shortcut icons will get refreshed turning them white before getting the correct icon.


    The application BGInfo.exe has been configured to run at refresh and / or at session reconnect.  BGInfo.exe sets the background and is able to reapply the user’s settings, during this process BGInfo.exe executes a refresh which is visible within the session.


    Because BGInfo is triggered to run at refresh, this behavior shows when refreshing your RES Workspace Manager session.