Error: (48) Error in loading DLL is shown during opening of Workspace Preferences

Version 1


    When opening Workspace Preferences on a machine that is running RES Workspace Manager 2014 with rebranding activated, the following error appears:

    An error occurred during the execution of a procedure.
    Contact your administrator or helpdesk with the following info:
    Error #: 48
    Error Description: (48) Error in loading DLL
    Procedure: Mod.Main.InitializeTabs
    Process: pfwsmgr.exe

    Program will resume normal operation…


    The registration of mscomctl.ocx is corrupted by the installation of Microsoft Office 2013.

    For the error to disappear, the mscomctl.ocx needs to be registered again.


    This issue is resolved in RES Workspace Manager 2014 SR2 and RES Workspace Manager 2012 SR6.
    In case the Service Release is not (yet) available or in case the Service Release cannot be installed, a revision containing this update is available on request at RES Support.
    IMPORTANT: A revision contains multiple fixes. Only apply this revision when you are experiencing a specific problem. Unless you are severely impacted by this specific problem, RES Software recommends that you wait for the next service release containing these fixes.