MSI Installer opens every time Microsoft Visio is started

Version 1


    Every time Microsoft Visio is started in a RES ONE Workspace environment, the MSI installer will open and restart the installation of Microsoft Visio.



    Microsoft Visio makes a few checks during startup. One of these checks is to check for the presence of the correct File associations and executables.

    The problem occurs when RES ONE Workspace Instant File Associations are used with Microsoft Visio (.vsd).



    One of the following solutions solves the described issue:
    Solution 1:

    Do not use Instant File Associations for Microsoft Visio files (.vsd) for any application in RES ONE Workspace.
    Solution 2:

    Add /noreg to the startup parameter

    When you add /noreg as a parameter to the Microsoft Visio application in RES ONE Workspace, Microsoft Visio will no longer attempt to register on startup.
    This will then prevent Windows Installer from running a repair for the user.