Pinned taskbar icon is removed when the application name is changed in the RES Workspace Manager Console

Version 1


    Consider the following scenario:

    A user pins a shortcut to an RES Workspace Manager managed application to both the desktop and the taskbar.
    In the RES Workspace Manager Console the name of this application is changed by an Administrator.
    In this case, the shortcut on the desktop will be retained but the pinned shortcut on the taskbar is removed after a workspace refresh.


    Due to a coding error, the pinned taskbar item is mistakenly removed when it should be renamed.


    This issue is resolved in RES Workspace Manager 2015.
    In case the Service Release is not (yet) available or in case the Service Release cannot be installed, a revision containing this update is available on request at RES Support.
    IMPORTANT: A revision contains multiple fixes. Only apply this revision when you are experiencing a specific problem. Unless you are severely impacted by this specific problem, RES Software recommends that you wait for the next service release containing these fixes.