DPI font size changes are not preserved with User Settings

Version 2


    When changing the dpi font size under "display" in the Microsoft Windows control panel, the settings are saved by User Settings.

    However, when the user logs back in to an Ivanti Workspace Control managed session, the settings are not re-applied successfully.



    Certain user settings need a "shell refresh" in order to be applied to the user session.

    When using User Preferences to preserve these settings, the keys will be applied at logon, however, the settings do not work.



    This behavior is by design of Microsoft Windows. Consider creating multiple mandatory or roaming profiles.

    For example:

    You could create a profile for users who need custom font sizes and another profile for users who need to receive the default settings.

    The following items are also member of DPI settings:
    • Font Smoothing
    • Cleartype Text
    • Calibrate color