Managed Microsoft App-V applications cannot be started in an RES Workspace Manager session

Version 1


    When you try to start a managed Microsoft App-V application in an RES Workspace Manager session it will not start, a timeout will occur and you will receive the following error message from Microsoft App-V:

    Title: Application Virtualization Error
    Description: The Application Virtualization Client could not launch <application name>, a script or other auxiliary process did not complete in time. Report the following error code to you System Administrator.
    Error code: 4615186-0B013644-00000B0A



    The RES Workspace Manager command to launch the Microsoft App-V application cannot complete due to policy restrictions which are set from Microsoft Active Directory GPO or RES Workspace Manager.



    Change the <Prevent access to the command prompt> policy.

    This policy can be found in the shell-commandprompt-regedittools.admx file or in the Microsoft Group Management console at: User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > System.

    If it is necessary to block the command prompt for users the policy must be set to:

    Policy: Prevent access to the command prompt
    State: Enabled
    Options: "<Disable the command prompt script processing also?> must be set to NO

    If this option is set to Yes it will not be possible to run commands or scripts anymore.