An empty desktop is displayed when starting RES Workspace Manager when using Wyse TCX Multi-Display

Version 1


    Sometimes an empty desktop is displayed when starting RES Workspace Manager. The issue is seen more often after recent Windows Updates. The last item displayed in the RES Workspace Manager splash screen is "Configuring Application Security" and the user is left with an empty desktop. The user session logs off after a minute or so.



    Change the entry ExitOnSingleHead in the Wyse TCX Multi-Display configuration file user.ini to No.
    Example user.ini:

    SplashWin=yes MonitorX=1 MonitorY=1
    UnHookProgram="pwrmenu.exe" "C:\Program Files\RES PowerFuse\pwrmenu.exe"
    UnHookProgram="pwrdesk.exe" "C:\Program Files\RES PowerFuse\pwrdesk.exe"
    UnHookProgram="pfwsmgr.exe" "C:\Program Files\RES PowerFuse\pfwsmgr.exe"
    UnHookProgram="xxx.exe" "C:\xxx\xxx.exe"