Old printers are still available in the Printing Preferences after a print server migration

Version 1


    After a print server migration, the old printers are still available in the Printing Preferences, even when:
    • The old print server is not available anymore.
    • One of the options "Disconnect all network printers before logging off" or "Disconnect all network printers before logging    on" is enabled.
    • Printers have been deleted in the Workspace Manager Console and recreated manually to point to the new server.
    • No session printers are mapped by Citrix or any other 3rd party software.


    The old printers have been preserved with a User Settings Task which causes the registry entries to be added again.



    Disable the User Settings Task which is restoring the printer related registry keys.

    If this task cannot be found easily then checking the contents of the UPR files, which can be found in the %reshomedrive%\PwrMenu\Userpref folder, can give a clue about which task to disable.

    Look for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Printers\Connections\ in the UPR file to see if any old printers are restored.