Users session hangs on Context Established during logon

Version 3


    Users session hangs on Context Established during logon and even after hours of waiting, the session will not start and is still keep 'hanging' on the Splash Screen.

    The User Event Log will end at User settings location.


    If the last actions in the trace file are shown in the following sequence, the cause could be a faulty Printspooler or Citrix Print Manager service.


    • pfwsmgr.exe: fstrExecuteJob; Start, job=`WRITELOG` followed by fstrExecuteJob; AT1 = *.pll
    • res.exe: IPDaemon_Connected followed by IPDaemon_Disconnected
    • resop.exe: axRESOp.Terminate




    This issue is caused by a not responding Printspooler or Citrix Print Manager service, which in turn is caused by a faulty printer driver.


    Background info: After the WRITELOG and .pll file upload, Ivanti Workspace Control tries to enumerate all printers.

    If there is no or no correct response of the print services, the session will hang on Context Established and won`t go on with the next procedures.




    Although Workspace Control suffers from this behaviour, the solution is to find and replace the faulty printer driver.


    To identify the issue, open services.msc on the server that has the issue and restart the Microsoft Print Spooler service or Citrix Print Manager service. If this times out, then this confirms the scenario above.

    This issue can be further investigated by following this Citrix KB article:


    In addition, there is a Microsoft hotfix to resolve this issue. For more information see

    Also check the updates that are released after SR1 for Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2:….