PopulateProcessWorkload Key in tps.config file to enhance performance will disable super user queries.

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.8.x

    It is sometimes recommended to add in the below key in your tps.config file to enhance performance.


    <add key="PopulateProcessWorkload" value="False" />



    However what you should be aware of when doing this is that the way it is approving your performances is that it will stop the pm_process_workload table to add and remove entries.

    This will not be a lose of any function unless you are using the ootb "Super User" Queries which are collecting its information from this table. If no information exist in the table the Query will come back blank.



    So the two options regarding this is:


    -Remove the key and the Super User workload lists will work
    -Keep the key and you will not be able to use the Super User workload list query.