Blank Results Page from a Knowledge Search

Version 2


    Having launched the 'Knowledge Management Search' component and typed a search string the page refreshes and displays:


    Page 1 of x Displaying Documents x to x Total Documents Matched = x


    * where x is 1 or more


    There are no results displayed on the page.



    Use the background knowledge searching facility on one of the IPC windows, once this has displayed results the stand-alone knowledge search will be able to as well.


    To enable background searching, launch 'Window Manager' and open up one of the IPC windows.  Select the 'Description' (or any other String) field and look at the properties.  In the 'Invoke Search On' section set one or more of the properties to true, save the window.  Launch the window from a shortcut and type something in to the field you set to knowledgeable that you know should return results.  When the results are returned you can cancel the IPC and go back to Window Manager and turn the background searching off.  The 'Knowledge Management Search' component should work properly now though.