Customized Microsoft Outlook settings are reset every time Outlook starts

Version 1


    When customized Microsoft Outlook settings are set (e.g. additional mailboxes settings or layout settings), these settings will be reset every time Outlook starts.



    When the Outlook setting is stored in the MAPI profile, Instant MAPI will overwrite the user MAPI profile (applied with User Settings) when Microsoft Outlook will be started.



    One of the following solutions solves the described issue:
    Solution 1.
              Configure Instant MAPI /  E-mail Settings with the "Create Once" setting.
    The MAPI subsystem keys are located in:

    Under this key, a key can be found with the MAPI profile name. This name is similar to the Instant MAPI profile template name.

    To prevent Instant MAPI / E-mail Settings from overwriting the MAPI subsystem keys every time Microsoft Outlook is started, Instant MAPI / E-mail Settings should be configured with the "Create Once" option selected.

    This option will only create a mail profile when the user starts the mail application for the first time, when a mail profile does not exist or when "Clear history" has been selected. By combining "Create once" and "Clear history", migrations to new mail servers and/or clients can be easily orchestrated from one console.

    Note: If you select the "Create once", you will typically use the "Clear history" option to force an update of the MAPI profiles.
    Solution 2.
              Create Additional Mailboxes with Instant MAPI. 
    The Exchange service in Instant MAPI /  E-mail Settings allows you to open multiple types of mailboxes: select the "Additional Mailboxes" button during configuration of the E-mail Settings. With Instant MAPI /  E-mail Settings, it is possible to create Additional Mailboxes on User and Group level.