Client Printers not available in Printing Preferences

Version 1


    When users log on to a RES Workspace Manager session, their local printers are not available in Printing Preferences.



    When a user wants to use his client printer in a RES Workspace Manager  (or only a RDP /ICA) session, the check box "Connect client printers during logon" needs to be selected. An administrator also needs to install the drivers for the client printer on all Terminal Servers.



    One of the following solutions solves the described issue:
    Solution 1.
    Change the setting "Auto create these client print devices" in the Citrix Management Console > Printer management properties from "Local (non network) client printers only" to "Use connection settings for each server" to resolve the issue.
    Solution 2.
    Enable "Client printers" (on the "Local Resources" tab) at the RDP client to resolve the issue.
    Solution 3.
    Enable "Connect Client Printers at logon" on the RDP and ICA protocol and verify that "Client Mapping Overrides" is not selected.

    Solution 4. 
    When the RES Subscriber is used to start the RES Workspace Manager session via RDP or ICA client, the RES Workspace Manager Integration tab needs to be configured to connect the session Printer Connections. Select the options under Printer Connections to connect the sessions printers in RES Workspace Manager .