Microsoft Windows context menu is visible when right clicking the Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 start menu

Version 1


    When you right click the start menu on a managed RES Workspace Manager session on a Microsoft Windows 2012 (R2) server or Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 the default context menu is still visible (e.g. System, Event Viewer, device manager, etc.).

    Users are also able to select and start the event viewer, etc. but are unable to make any changes, this only happens with users with a roaming profile.



    Not related to RES Software products. This issue also occurs when RES Workspace Manager is not running.

    The problem is caused because the context menu on the start (menu) button is built from three subfolders located in %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\WinX\Group1, Group2 & Group 3 and the matching registry setting:





    Remove folders from roaming profile at logon.

    Create a script in RES Workspace Manager to remove these files & folders from the roaming profile (e.g. rd %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\WinX /s /q).