Microsoft Internet Explorer does not start in a managed RES Workspace Manager session

Version 1


    In a user session managed by RES Workspace Manager, Microsoft Internet Explorer crashes, stops working, or closes immediately and does not restore to a working condition upon a login to a new windows session.



    RES Workspace Manager is configured to capture Microsoft Internet Explorer application settings.  If these setting are corrupt, the composer will capture corrupt settings.



    Reset Microsoft Internet Explorer settings and delete captured settings.

    To reset Microsoft Internet Explorer back to its default settings, the end user must have access to Internet Options in the Control Panel within the corrupted Windows session. Follow the directions below to restore Microsoft Internet Explorer to proper working order.

    Within Internet Options navigate to the Advanced tab, and the click the "Reset" button.

    Click the "Reset" button with the "Reset Internet Explorer Settings" window (you can leave the "Delete Personal Settings" checkbox unchecked.)

    Click "Close", exit out of Internet Options, and log out of the windows session.

    Delete the appropriate upr and upf files for the captured Microsoft Internet Explorer settings.


    Deleting the upr and upf files will ensure the appropriate settings are applied upon the next login.