Using multiple home pages causes an additional tab being opened in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Version 1


    An additional tab is being opened when multiple home pages are being configured in Microsoft Internet Explorer. This tab could show a non ASCII character.



    Multiple Home Page tabs are set in Microsoft Internet Explorer by using a User Registry setting in RES Workspace Manager. After the last value in the "Secondary Start Pages" registry key, the separator character is missing.



    Use [Enter] as a separator after the each value (URL) in the  registry setting.

    For example:

    To use multiple Home Page tabs in Internet Explorer, multiple URL's can be configured in the following Multiple-String Value:

    System Key: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]
    Value Name: Secondary Start Pages
    Data Type: REG_MULTI_SZ (Multiple-String Value)
    Value Data: <URL>

    Use [Enter] after each URL in the value data (also after the last URL).