Taskbar Properties button is unavailable or options are dimmed in Workspace Preferences

Version 1


    The "Taskbar Properties" button is unavailable or options are dimmed in the Workspace Preferences when using RES Workspace Manager Shell and RES Subscriber..

    This problem does not occur when using the Microsoft Windows shell.



    There are two taskbars in play when using RES Workspace Manager Shell with RES Subscriber, one for the  RES Workspace Manager Shell and one for the local Microsoft Windows Shell. 
    If a managed application is started in the RES Workspace Manager Shell, the application's button is created on the RES Workspace Manager Shell taskbar by default.

    If the application is a subscribed local application, the application button will be created on the local Microsoft Windows Shell taskbar. 

    Since the application for the taskbar properties is not available on the RES Workspace Manager Shell taskbar the properties will be made unavailable within RES Workspace Preferences when RES Subscriber is detected.



    This is by design in RES Workspace Manager.