No access granted to the RES ONE Workspace Console in a Console-Only installation

Version 1


    Consider the following scenario:

    - The RES ONE Workspace Console-Only is installed.
    - One or more Workspace Containers are selected in the administrative role(s). These Workspace Containers don't have the option 'Include all Agents' selected in the Computer Control tab.

    When starting the RES ONE Workspace Console in this scenario, the user will not have acces to the Console.



    A RES ONE Workspace Console-Only installation does not include a RES ONE Workspace Agent. Since Workspace Containers are based on Agents, this type of installation can't be included in a Workspace Container.



    To solve this issue make sure the user is member of an Administrative role which has at least one of  the following options configured :
    • Select the 'All workspace containers' option in Administration > Administrative Roles > [Edit the desired Administrative Role] > Workspace Control.
    • Select the 'Include all Agents' option in Context > Workspace Containers > Computer Control.
    With (one of) the above options selected, every installation of RES ONE Workspace (Console-Only, Agent-Only or Full install) will have access to the configured Workspace Container(s).