System tray icon of an open application is not visible after upgrading to RES ONE Workspace 10.1

Version 1


    Consider the following situation:
    • RES ONE Workspace 10.0 is installed.
    • The default shell is set to the RES ONE Workspace Shell.
    • An application which has a Systray Icon is created in the RES ONE Workspace Console and available for the user.
    • Logon to the RES ONE Workspace managed session and start the application, a Systray icon will appear.
    • Upgrade to RES ONE Workspace 10.1 (don't forget to reboot).
    Logon again, start the application, no icon will be visible in the Systray.



    This issue is resolved in RES ONE Workspace

    In case that the Release is not (yet) available at the RES Success Center, contact RES Support to obtain more information on the availability of the Release.