sharedImgGuard.AddImgGuardRule error appears during logon after upgrading to RES ONE Workspace 10.1

Version 1


    During logon, the following error message might appear.
    Process: pfwsmgr.exe
    Procedure: sharedImgGuard.AddImgGuardRule
    Error: startIndex cannot be larger than length of string.
    Parameter name: startIndex



    A Microsoft App-V 4.x application has been configured with Dynamic Privileges and is starting an application from a network share.
    This combination trigger the error to occur, removing the Dynamic Privileges might remove the error.



    The Feature deprecation list available in the Getting Started with RES ONE Workspace ( guide (available on the RES Success Center) describes the following:

    Microsoft App-V 4.6 is available but not Supported*, it will be removed in a next version of RES ONE Workspace.

    “Best Effort” Support: “Best Effort” means that if something used to work correctly and stopped working, RES Software will
    try to make it work as before. This does not mean that RES Software will add new functionality to unsupported products or
    provide support for unsupported products (the 3rd party product was not supported in the major release).