Setting File/Protocol Type for HTTP,HTTPS,MAILTO,ETC will result in Microsoft Action Center Message Your default browser was reset on Microsoft Windows 10 1703 build (15063)

Version 3



    Consider the following scenario:
    • RES ONE Workspace Manager v10.1.0.0 is installed.
    • A RES ONE Workspace managed has been created as a RES ONE Workspace managed app (for example Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome,Microsoft Outlook 2016,etc.).
    • A file/protocol type has been configured for one of the apps for HTTP,HTTPS,MAILTO,etc.

    Some examples of Protocols from a Microsoft Windows 10 installation:





    This issue is resolved in Ivanti Workspace Control 10.2.500.0




    It is possible to create a DefaultAppassociation xml file which you can edit and implement by using a Microsoft Group Policy. The details on how to set this up can be fount in this link.


    Example on howto create an xml for setting up the HTTP and/or HTTPS protocol for Google Chrome brouwser
    • Install the Google Chrome browser on a machine with Windows 10 1703 and higher.
    • Log in with a Local Administrator without RES ONE Workspace Manager active
    • When using the Settings go to Apps - Default apps - Choose default applicatons by protocol and look for the HTTP and/or HTTPS entry
    • Select the Applicaiton (Default = Microsoft Edge) and select Google Chrome from the list
    • Close the Settings and open up a administrative Command prompt (CMD)
    • Type in the following command: Dism /Online /Export-DefaultAppAssocations:\\myshare\AppAssoc.xml
    • Open up the xml file and remove all items expcept the entries for Google Chrome. Example:
    • Create a new Microsoft Group Policy or edit a current one and go to Computer Configurarion - Policies - Administrative Templates - Windows Components - File Explorer - Set a default associations configuration file and point to the xml fil. Use a Microsoft File share for instance.
    Then reboot the machine where the user will be logging on and the Microsoft Action Center message won't appear anymore and the Google Chrome brouwser will be defailt for the user.




    Make sure that the File types/protocol has been removed from the RES ONE Workspace managed application.