Issue: Software Distribution task status is "Failed", even though software installed successfully

Version 8

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6


    A software distribution task will be created and run.  The required package will successfully deploy, but the task will show failure in the LANDESK console.




    Traditionally software tasks used an exit code of 0 to indicate a successful status, and anything nonzero meant an error had occurred, with the different exit codes meaning different reasons for the failure.  Unfortunately it is becoming more and more common to use nonzero exit codes to indicate success.  For example, exit code 3010 often means that the installation was successful, but a reboot is required.  In this scenario it would be beneficial to have that count as a success rather than a failure.  This is especially true for Policy Support Push tasks that rely on a successful status to make sure that the device doesn't get queued up to run the same task as a policy.



    A custom return code mapping can be created by following these steps:


    How to assign Distribution return codes