Invoked RES ONE Automation task fails when called from RES ONE Workspace if using RES ONE Automation Agent+

Version 4


    RES ONE Automation integration in RES ONE Workspace does not work and the invoked task(s) results in the error "Incorrect RES ONE Automation environment".This error message is visible in RES ONE Workspace Manager Console: Setup > Integration > RES Products > RES ONE Automation




    This occurs when the machine has the RES ONE Automation Agent+ installed in combination with a regkey that is present on the machine.


    The following String Value in the Registry is created by RES ONE Automation task "add to Domain" and if that job has ever ran on the machine, the RES ONE Automation integration in RES ONE Workspace stops working.


    "OldNetBiosName"= "Workgroupname\\Clientname"




    This issue is resolved in Ivanti Workspace Control 10.2.500.1