Managed icons that are pinned to the taskbar are not stacked

Version 3


    Consider the following scenario:


    • If a managed application is pinned to the taskbar, items do not stack.
    • RES ONE Workspace or higher is installed.
    • Direct visible when items are pinned with Workspace Preferences.
    • Visible at next logon, when pinned from Start Menu.


    If this issue occurs there are two items visible in the taskbar. One pinned item and one open application item.




    If the application is included in the CustomAppUserModeliDs.xml file, this is expected behavior.


    Note: The CustomAppUserModeliDs.xml file is described in the article HOWTO: Create the CustomAppUserModeliDs.xml file to allow multiple shortcuts in the Start Menu.




    This issue is resolved in Ivanti Workspace Control 10.2.500.0, but only if the application is not included in the CustomAppUserModeliDs.xml file.