High CPU load caused by pwrcache.exe and transactions are not processed anymore since upgrade to RES ONE Workspace 10.1.x

Version 3


    The upload pwrcache.exe process generates unexpected high CPU load and transactions are not being processed anymore.


    When activating tracing for RES ONE Workspace, the trace shows the following error:
    clsRelayServer.GetMessageInBytes (Msg_ProcessTransaction); ERROR: 0 - Index was outside the bounds of the array.    at RES.WorkspaceManager.Shared.clsRelayServer.aq(Int32 a, Int32 b, Byte[] c, Int32 d)    at RES.WorkspaceManager.Shared.clsRelayServer.ap(enuMessageTypeID a, Int32 b, XmlDocument c, Byte[]& d, String e)
    On the Relay Server the following errors may be logged in the Windows Event Log;

    eventid 0 Error : Invalid Messageheader: BOH marker not found.Stacktrace: at RES.WorkspaceManager.Communication.Messaging.MessageHeader.FromReader(BinaryReader reader, MessageHeader&messageHeader)


    Pwrcache.exe upload process fails to process bigger ( > 5MB ) transaction files and will end up in an endless retry loop.



    This issue is resolved in Ivanti Workspace Control 10.2.500.0


    In case the Minor Release is not (yet) available, or in case the Minor Release cannot be installed, contact Ivanti Support to obtain more information on the availability of a revision.


    IMPORTANT: A revision contains multiple fixes. Only apply this revision when you are experiencing a specific problem. Unless you are severely impacted by this specific problem, Ivanti recommends that you wait for the next Minor Release containing these fixes.