Design Transfer: Label getting detached from the field after import.

Version 4

    After you have imported a window using Design Transfer some of the labels belonging to attributes have been detached from the field. why is this?



    This is a bug with ITBM and has been given problem: 4238.

    If you have this problem please log an Incident with your Support Provider referring to Problem: 4238.



    This is happening because the Tab Order on the attribute is set in reverse order.


    By default when adding on an attribute to the window the label Tab Order is one step lower than the field.

    If label is: 3, then field is 4.

    This can however be changed in the Properties of the window.


    If the tab order is changed to label: 4, field 3 and you transfer this window using Design Transfer the label will become detached from the field and instead appear as a normal single label.



    There is a script you can run to see which window that has this on them so that you easily can identify which window might need some configuration before transferring them, please see attached.