SQL Query To Remove User

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    The following article contains information on manipulating your database.

    It is CRITICAL that you have a full backup of your database prior to making any modifications to the database.

    Failure to backup your database may result in permanent loss of some, or even all data.


    Please consult with your DBA where applicable.



    Attached is a SQL Query that will delete a console user and all of their associated details. This should only be used as a last resort, as you will lose data.


    Any objects owned by that user will be removed, including (but not limited to)

    • Distribution Packages
    • Queries
    • Reports
    • Scheduled Tasks

    This script is NOT supported by Ivanti. Use at your own risk.


    In the script, you will need to provide the username of the user. The place to do so is indicated in the SQL script itself.