Unattended installation of Ivanti Workspace Control Agent version 10.2.x cannot connect to Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server

Version 8


    Unattended installations of the Ivanti Workspace Control Agent version 10.2.x fail to connect to a Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server using the installation parameters as described in the Administration Guide v10.1.




    Due to Security optimizations, the Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server Password cannot be saved as a hashed password anymore, starting from version the password will be encrypted.

    Therefore the Password has to be extracted from the Datastore again using a pwrtech.exe command-line and the installation parameters need to be changed.


    Note: pwrtech.exe /gethashedpassword and the installation parameter RSPWHASHED are obsolete



    Using an Ivanti Workspace Control installation version or newer, the password can be extracted using the following command-line which then can be used in the installation parameters:


    %respfdir%\pwrtech.exe /getrspassword


    The Relay Server password is shown in a dialog box, which can be copy and pasted by pressing Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V.


    The MSI installation parameters (also known as Public Properties) have been changed, RSPWHASHED needs to be replaced by RSPWENC appended with the new password that was retrieved using the previous pwrtech.exe command -line.


    Prior to version 10.2 the communication was using a Self Signed Certificate (which could be changed in registry), since version 10.2 the installation expects you not to be using Self Signed Certificates, most likely you are upgrading the environment and are not implementing Certificates.

    Therefore, use the following Public Property to still accept Self Signed Certificates: AcceptSelfSignedCert=Yes


    When using Ivanti Automation, please make sure to also remove the obsolete Public Property then add the new RSPWENC and AcceptSelfSignedCert Public Properties and use the encrypted password.


    An example of an unattended installation string would be:

    Msiexec /i "C:\Ivanti Workspace Control 10.2.500.0.msi" RSENVGUID={22B8C123-2C4C-47B1-9A44-A8D501B71676} RSPASSWORD=2oWDH1U+ni7Y4Ilea8AV7Ibsyez+rvFKJp9M4x6kFsDPLC66SoXmthjaJhG3iTZxgkHhYQIvBx2xBo3g3JfpxffIfi8PO7nYVst1k4TBa61jmbZTI87D9RpYzRDyv5sJDKHtqnGLL9Ny4ndMoO6MYQ== RSPWENC=yes AcceptSelfSignedCert=Yes RSDISCOVER=no RSLIST=RelayServer01;RelayServer02:1943 RSRESOLVE=relayservers.domain.com INHERITSETTINGS=yes /qn


    Note: For more information please consult the Ivanti Workspace Control Administration Guide version 10.2