How to update iGoldMine to GO-Global (unbranded) product.

Version 7

    As of Jan 2018, Ivanti has discontinued providing a branded version of iGoldMine.   Going forward customers will need to update to the current version of GO-Global to get the latest product updates.


    To update, customers running a branded version iGoldMine will have to first uninstall iGoldMine after making the backups noted below.  Next customers will install the latest version of GO-Global from the GraphOn website which includes the latest patch compatible for Microsoft updates. The existing iGoldMine license in the deployment will work.

    Steps to follow:

    1) Backup c:\ProgramData\Frontrange\HostProperties.xml and C:\ProgramData\Frontrange\DefaultWorkspaceProperties.xml.

    2) Open the HostProperties.xml file (usually in notepad) and remove the following entry:

    <property id="logFileLocation" group="Log" type="STRING">

                                    <value>C:\Program Files\FrontRange\iGoldMine\\Log\</value>


    3) Save the HostProperties.xml file.

    4) Backup the .lic license file or files if there is more than one, from C:\Program Files\FrontRange\iGoldMine\Programs directory

    5) Uninstall iGoldmine from Control panel - Programs and Features, and reboot.

    6) Check for a remnant folder of C:\Program Files\FrontRange; if one is present, delete it.

    7) Download the most recent version of GO-Global which at present is 5.0.2.x from the following link (for both GO-Global Host and Client)

    8) Install this version onto the Host, and when the license retrieval window appears just skip this, and continue the GO-Global install. At the end of the install DO NOT REBOOT YET.

    9) Before you reboot copy the HostProperties.xml and DefaultWorkspaceProperties.xml you backed up to to c:\Program Data\GraphOn directory.

    10) Then copy the .lic files you backed up to c:\Program Files\GraphOn\GO-Global\Programs Directory.

    11) Reboot, and when the system comes up the GO-Global Host should have previous settings and be roughly the same as the previously branded iGoldMine.

    12) Uninstall the GO-Global Client from client machines if used then reboot the machine device where used.

    13) Install the appropriate GO-Global Client and configure to connect to the GO-Global Host (formerly iGoldMine Host).