How to update iGoldMine to GO-Global (unbranded) product.

Version 13

    As of Jan 2018, Ivanti has discontinued providing a branded version of iGoldMine.   Going forward customers will need to update to the current version of GO-Global to get the latest product updates.


    To update, customers running a branded version iGoldMine will have to first uninstall iGoldMine after making the backups noted below.  Next customers will install the latest version of GO-Global from the GraphOn website which includes the latest patch compatible for Microsoft updates. If you are running iGoldMine 2015.1 and higher the iGoldMine license files work also for the Go-Global 5.0 version but need to be upgraded when using Go-Global 6.0 (see release notes for Go-Global 6.0: Global Hosts cannot be used with a version 5.0 license.) In order to upgrade your current license please refer to How to obtain an upgrade license for iGoldMine 9.0 and higher (also Go-Global) 

    Steps to follow:

    1) Backup the .lic license file or files if there is more than one, from C:\Program Files\FrontRange\iGoldMine\Programs directory

    2) Backup the HostProperties.xml and DefaultWorkspaceProperties.xml files, from C:\ProgramData\FrontRange directory


    3) In the Windows Services >> Stop the iGoldMine Client Update Service (if available), stop the iGoldMine Application Publishing Service and stop the iGoldMine Licensing Service

    4) Uninstall iGoldmine from Control panel - Programs and Features, and make sure to reboot the machine.

    5) Check for a remnant folder of C:\Program Files\FrontRange; if one is present, delete it. Usually C:\ProgramData\FrontRange will be removed by the uninstall, but also check this and if applicable delete the folder C:\ProgramData\FrontRange

    6) We recommend to download the most recent version of GO-Global - Currently as of December 2018 Go-Global 5.0.2.x can be still downloaded from the following link (for both GO-Global Host and Client) although Graphon already released Go-Global 6.0. The download link for Go-Global 5.0.2.x may be turned off at any time and we strongly recommend reviewing and considering to upgrade to Go-Global 6.0 


    Graphon changed their support pages/customer portal and customers are now required to register on the Graphon Support Portal - GraphOn Customer Portal

    Once the account is registered, activated, the user can login and either browse to Downloads >> the desired Go-Global type (e.g. Host or Windows client etc) or use the direct link Downloads


    7) Install this version onto the Host, and when the license retrieval window appears just skip this, and continue the GO-Global install. At the end of the install DO NOT REBOOT YET.

    8) Before you reboot copy the HostProperties.xml and DefaultWorkspaceProperties.xml you backed up to to C:\ProgramData\GraphOn directory.

    9) Then copy the .lic file(s) you backed up to C:\Program Files\GraphOn\GO-Global\Programs directory.

    10) Reboot, and when the system comes up the GO-Global Host should have previous settings and be roughly the same as the previously branded iGoldMine - applications may need to be published again.

    11) Uninstall the GO-Global Client from client machines if used then reboot the machine device where used.

    12) Install the appropriate GO-Global Client and configure to connect to the GO-Global Host (formerly iGoldMine Host).

    Note: The used webpage needs to be adjusted from "http://servername, domain or IP/iGoldMine" to "http://servername, domain or IP/GoGlobal"