User Workspace Manager 10.1 Feature Release 4 now available

Version 1

    The latest release of UWM is now available to download from here.


    Management Center


    Scheduled Event Maintenance

    In the 10.1 FR2 release, new functionality was introduced to provide an administrator with the ability to remove events and related alerts from the Management Server database. This allows the system administrator to keep control over the number of events that are stored within the Management Server database to ensure its performance and keep costs low, while making it the ideal repository for reporting using Xtraction.


    10.1 FR3 extended this feature to allow the administrator to create and manage schedules to control event maintenance.

    In this release (10.1 FR4), we have introduced a Maintenance section to the console. This facilitates the creation, modification and status toggling of event housekeeping jobs from the Management Console. It can also be used to view and toggle housekeeping jobs created via PowerShell.


    Clone Deployment Groups

    In 10.1 FR4 we have introduced the ability to clone deployment groups from the Management Console. This works by copying the settings of a selected deployment group, and creating a new group with the same settings which can then be renamed appropriately. This feature streamlines the configuration workflow in large environments and reduces the margin for input error.


    Environment Manager


    Cache Roaming for Virtual Sessions

    Cache Roaming attaches a container to the user’s virtual desktop or session during logon that persists application caches between sessions.

    This feature introduces 2 new EM Policy actions:

    • VHD Management – to create, attach and detach a container(s) during a user session
    • Cache Roaming – configure locations within the user profile for redirection, either to a container managed with the above action or an alternate folder location

    One of the key drivers behind this feature is to support the increasing adoption of Office 365 within the enterprise. Customers can now easily configure roaming between virtual sessions for scenarios, such as Outlook Cached Exchange Mode, using either the “out of box” profile cache options, or alternatively by setting up custom redirections.


    GeoSync Set-up for existing Subscribers – Improved Workflow

    GeoSync enables organizations to synchronise their personalization configuration and/or user settings across multiple locations, all without the requirement for any 3rd party technologies (such as SQL Merge Replication).10.1 FR4 introduces capabilities to help existing customers who currently maintain multiple ‘stand-alone’ Personalization Databases but wish to move to GeoSync. To enable a smooth transition to a synchronised model, 10.1 FR4 provides customers with a script that can be used to ensure the subscriber database(s) are compatible with their publisher prior to set-up.


    Windows 10 Enhancements

    As part of our continued focus on Windows 10 adoption, 10.1 FR4 extends existing features in two key areas:

    • The File Type Association (FTA) policy action now fully manages default application settings for file types
    • User resizing of the Start Menu is now personalized across sessions on Windows 10 1703 (and above)