How to move Hot topic bitmaps in Helpdesk/Supportcenter to a new location

Version 1

    Need to move Hot topic bitmaps in Helpdesk to a new location or rename the server they are stored on.


    When Custom Hot topic bitmaps are setup in Helpdesk they are stored in a physical folder on the server and the HOTHTBIT_HDW table in the database stores the paths to the those bitmaps.


    The attached script can be used to change the server name in the paths so that they reflect the new lcoation of the bitmaps.



    Make sure you take a full, up-to-date, restorable backup of the Helpdesk database before running these scripts and make sure you change the @oldservername and @ newservername variables at the top of the script to reflect your servernames.


    Helpdesk/Supportcenter All versions