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    The Ivanti EPM patch engine allows binary updates through definition downloads. At times it is necessary to make changes to some of the binary files to remediate issues.


    When changes are made to these binaries and they are published to the patch content servers they will automatically be downloaded to the core (during the next content sync initiated by the core). When the client next scans in, it will check to verify what version of these binaries it has compared to the version on the core server. If needed, these binaries will be downloaded to the client automatically using the standard download mechanism (i.e., utilizing the CSA and/or peers and preferred servers if configured).


    We only make changes to these files if it is found necessary to correct a critical issue. Below lists the file(s) updated, the date, and the reason why the change was necessary.



    We will update the list before every expected change to binaries. However, in some cases more urgent fixes are required, and in such cases, we will post the change to this list a short time after the release.

    Updated Binaries


    File UpdatedDate UpdatedDescription
    Timberhlpr.dll02/13/2018To correct an issue where if a patch took more than a specified amount of time to install it would fail
    Timberhlpr.dll06/07/2018To correct an issue where shared patches were downloaded multiple times
    Timberhlpr.dll07/27/208To improve scan performance